Barcelona Liver Bioservices announces presentation at the EASL Liver Congress 2023

Barcelona Liver Bioservices (BLB), CRO especially focused on the field of Hepatology, announced today the presentation of an original communication at The EASL Congress held in Vienna and organized by the European Association for the Study of Liver Diseases (EASL).

Poster #WED-524 “GTX-011 improves fibrosis and hepatic stellate cells phenotype in human precision cut liver slices” will be presented from 13:00 – 14:30h by Prof Dr Jordi Gracia-Sancho, co-founder and CSO of BLB. The study assesses the effects of GTX-011, a first-in-class drug with anti-inflammatory and anti-fibrotic properties mediated by the inhibition of the TGFβ pathway, in Precision-Cut Liver Slices (PCLS) from human liver tissues. PCLS represent a unique 3D ex vivo model that preserves the structure and cellular composition of the liver, constituting an intermediate step between pre-clinical and clinical research.

The results of this study revealed that treatment of human liver slices with GTX-011 promoted hepatic stellate cells (HSCs) de-activation and inhibition of pro-fibrogenic pathways. Furthermore, gene deconvolution analysis was performed combining our transcriptomic data with previously published single-cell RNAseq data, in order to better understand the changes in the phenotype of each liver cell type in response to treatment. This advanced bioinformatic analysis confirmed the effects of GTX-011 on HSCs, promoting their de-activation compared to vehicle-treated tissues. 

For more information about the company and available research services, including liver-on-a-chip technology, human PCLS, preclinical models of liver diseases, and refined bioinformatic analysis, among others, please visit

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