Barcelona Liver Bioservices at the International Workshop on Liver & Gut Fibrosis

Barcelona Liver Bioservices is excited to announce its active participation in the 2nd edition of the International Workshop on Liver and Gut Fibrosis, held in Valencia on 26 & 27 October 2023. This year, we are honored to present two unique posters that exemplify our commitment to advancing the understanding and treatment of liver fibrosis.

Study 1: Unveiling the impact of GTX-011 in human precision cut liver slices.

Our first poster shines a spotlight on our groundbreaking research investigating the effects of GTX-011 in liver tissues. GTX-011, a novel therapeutic agent developed by our partner GAT Therapeutics, has demonstrated promising potential in the treatment of liver fibrosis. Our research delves into the molecular and cellular changes induced by GTX-011, offering insights into its mechanism of action.

Our findings not only elucidate the efficacy of GTX-011 but also provide a critical step toward the development of more effective treatments for liver fibrosis. The study combines the use of PCLS together with advanced bioinformatic analysis.

Study 2: Exploring the impact of gender in chronic liver disease pathophysiology

Our second poster investigates a vital yet often overlooked aspect of chronic liver disease pathophysiology – the role of sex. Sex-related differences in the progression and outcome of liver diseases have long been recognized, and our research sheds light on these differences. We examine how sex influences disease development, progression, and therapeutic responses.

Understanding the impact of sex in liver disease pathophysiology is a key step toward more personalized and effective medical interventions. The insights gleaned from this research may ultimately lead to tailored treatment strategies that consider sex-based differences, enhancing the care and outcomes of patients with chronic liver diseases.

Barcelona Liver Bioservices is honored to present two significant studies at the International Workshop on Gut and Liver Fibrosis. Our tireless dedication to advancing liver fibrosis research and improving patient care is evident in the diverse and groundbreaking studies we showcase. We eagerly anticipate engaging with experts, exchanging insights, and forging collaborations that will drive progress in our ongoing battle against liver fibrosis. Watch this space for further updates as we continue to make impactful strides in the field of liver research.

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