The complete pre-clinical solution

In BLB we believe that the low success in R&D for liver diseases relates to obtaining pre-clinical data in partial and non-physiological experimental models, which ultimately give biased information that is not confirmed in clinical phases.

BLB offers the possibility to intensely characterize new chemical entities designed to improve human liver disease through the unique BLB complete pre-clinical solution: a versatile combination of pre-clinical studiesĀ using patented cutting-edge technology, primary human cells, and rodent models of disease.


BLB offers you the possibility to test your drug candidates in a human liver
biological system: the unique and
patent-protected ExoLiver platform.

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Rodent models

BLB provides research services using top-quality pre-clinical models of liver
disease, including liver cirrhosis,
cholestatic liver disease & NASH.

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Liver cells

BLB develops analysis with highly pure and viable rodent and human primary hepatocytes, liver sinusoidal endothelial cells, hepatic stellate cells and Kupffer cells.

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BLB gives you the possibility to analyze your favourite gene or protein in liver tissue obtained from rodents and humans.

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Organ on a chip

BLB offers high-quality services to create tailored organ on a chip platforms for pre-clinical human disease modelling.

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Strategic consultancy

The virtuous combination of having deep experience in both pre-clinical and clinical phases of liver research

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