We are a contract research organization
Offers cutting-edge research services and consultancy in the field of liver diseases
We provide tailored reliable solutions to our partners for successful strategic decision making

BLB is a contract research organization
that aims to contribute with pharmaceutical partners to ultimately
accelerate the development of
new treatments for patients with liver disease

Vision & Mission

BLB aims at providing superior quality research services and consulting in the fields of Hepatologyand Toxicology. We combine exclusive cutting-edge technology with reliable traditional models thataltogether permits high-value characterization of new chemical entities.

In BLB we truly believe that refinement of pre-clinical research, by using smarter experimentalmodels that closer reflect patients pathophysiology, is the only way to shorten the bridge betweenbench work and clinical practice.

We are supported by the IDIBAPS Biomedical Research Institute & the CaixaImpulsebioentrepreneurship program, allowing us to grow within an environment of excellence in business &innovation.

Our Values

We are innovative, passionate
and scientificall y curious

We prioritize rigorousness and integrity

We listen our customers, so we provide the best solution for their enquiries

We are committed with our community & the environment

BLB works toward helping our partners to accelerate the development of new chemical entities to treat human liver disease. We value talent, experience and dedication of each of our employees.

BLB seeks outstanding scientists, pharmacologists, biomedical engineers, computational biologists and business developers