Find below a selection of scientific whitepapers written by BLB co-founders and scientific team

Novel therapeutics for portal hypertension and fibrosis in chronic liver disease

This review focuses on the pathophysiology of liver fibrosis and portal hypertension, in the context of liver cirrhosis, and provides a broad description of current treatments and potential therapeutic options.

Animal Models for Liver Disease - A Practical Approach for Translational Research.

A comprehensive summary of mostly used experimental models of chronic liver disease, starting from early stages of fatty liver disease (non-alcoholic and alcoholic) to steatohepatitis and alcoholic liver disease, advanced cirrhosis and end-stage primary liver cancer.

Cirrhosis as new indication
for statins

This article reviews the current knowledge on the potential applications of statins in chronic liver diseases, from its mechanistic background to objective evidence from clinical studies.

Hepatic microcirculation and mechanisms of portal hypertension

This review describes the basis of liver microcirculatory dysfunction in cirrhotic portal hypertension and appraises the pre-clinical models used to study the liver circulation. It also provides a comprehensive summary of the promising therapeutic options to target the liver microvasculature in cirrhosis.

Advances in therapeutic options for portal hypertension

The review critically summarizes the current knowledge in portal hypertension therapeutics, focusing on those strategies driven by the disease pathophysiology and underlying cellular mechanisms.

Portal Hypertension and Cirrhosis: From Evolving Concepts to Better Therapies

Beta-blockers in cirrhosis: Evidence-based indications and limitations

This review summarises the evidence supporting current recommendations and restrictions of NSBB use in patients with cirrhosis.