Barcelona Liver Bioservices announces presentation at AASLD Meeting about the effects of targeting the LPA pathway in preclinical models of advanced chronic liver disease

[Boston, Nov 11th 2023] — Barcelona Liver Bioservices, a leading research and development company specializing in liver disease studies, in collaboration with Gilead Sciences, a global biopharmaceutical company dedicated to advancing innovative therapies, is excited to announce the results of an original study that showcases the potential of targeting the LPA pathway in the treatment of advanced chronic liver disease. The results of this research study will be presented today as poster 2456-C, during the annual meeting of the American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases.

Chronic liver disease affects millions of people worldwide, leading to severe health complications and limited therapeutic options. With this in mind, Barcelona Liver Bioservices and Gilead Sciences embarked on a collaborative research endeavor to investigate the Lysophosphatidic Acid (LPA) pathway’s role in advanced chronic liver disease and its potential as a therapeutic target.

The study, which involved preclinical models mimicking advanced chronic liver disease, revealed remarkable findings, including:

1. Significant improvement in portal hypertension and fibrosis: Targeting the LPA pathway led to a substantial improvement in liver microcirculatory function, with a reduction in portal pressure and liver fibrosis and inflammation.

2. Reduced inflammation and oxidative stress: The therapy targeting the LPA pathway also demonstrated a notable reduction in inflammatory and oxidative markers.

3. Improved sinusoidal cells phenotype: Inhibition of the LPA pathway promoted amelioration in the phenotype and function of liver sinusoidal endothelial cells and hepatic stellate cells.

Commenting on the study’s results, Prof Jordi Gracia-Sancho, CSO of Barcelona Liver Bioservices, said, “We are thrilled to reveal the potential of targeting the LPA pathway in models of advanced chronic liver disease. This discovery has the power to transform the landscape of liver disease treatment and provide hope to millions of individuals suffering from this condition.”

About Barcelona Liver Bioservices:

Barcelona Liver Bioservices is a leading research and development company specializing in liver disease studies. The organization is dedicated to advancing our understanding of liver diseases and developing innovative research models to ultimately improve the lives of patients worldwide. For more info: 

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