Barcelona Liver Bioservices: Our Team Matters, Beyond Biomedical Research.

At Barcelona Liver Bioservices (BLB), we are deeply endowed in nurturing the professional growth and research excellence of our Team members, all while contributing to our Nation’s innovation landscape. That’s why, starting in 2021, we proudly became active participants in the Industrial Doctorate Program, an initiative championed by the Government of Catalonia.

The Industrial Doctorate Program is designed to foster the competitiveness and international prominence of Catalonia’s industrial sector. It’s all about attracting top-tier talent and providing comprehensive training to doctoral candidates engaged in cutting-edge research and innovation (R+D+I) projects within corporate settings.

In fact, we have two special individuals on our team who are currently wearing dual hats: conducting groundbreaking research in experimental hepatology and diving into predoctoral training activities. Their journey encompasses rigorous academics, coupled with hands-on experience in communication, innovation, and the effective transfer of research findings. After three intense years of this program, they’ll be equipped to present and defend their doctoral theses.

Collaborating with the Generalitat de Catalunya, the University of Barcelona, and the prestigious IDIBAPS research center, we consider it a privilege to be part of this ambitious training initiative.

If you’re looking to accelerate the development of your candidate therapies for liver diseases, we invite you to connect with us today. Together, we can forge ahead and drive meaningful progress in the field of medical science. Let’s make it happen!

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